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Q. Isn’t it true that anyone can build a website today?
A. Sure, you don't have to be a rocket-scientist and there are lots of possibilities, but this is like saying that anyone who obtains the materials can build himself a decent house. So if you like prefab more than customized solutions, go ahead but the result will likely resemble another one. Also it will be more difficult to make specific changes to the basic design when that's needed.


Q. What happens with all my websites if I don’t want to work with you any more?
A. I hope to build a professional relationship with you, but it is good to know that any skilled person(s) or company will understand any work done and will be able to continue working with it, since I use standard methods.


Q. Why would I want a website, when I already have Facebook?
A. Short answer: if you are satisfied with your situation, don’t look no further.

A. Longer answer: if you want more flexibility, control, branding of your product or a personal style, think about combining Facebook with a more sophisticated approach like a dedicated website. Anyway, any situation is different and has to be examined. For businesses, using only FB is in a lot of cases a less powerful instrument than one generally thinks, due to their policies and those you can't influence, but as an extra channel it surely is O.K. Special tricks are needed though if you want to be well indexed by Google.