I want to be the number ONE on Google!

We can arrange that your site appears high in search result for certain key words. Being found is important but appearing on the first page of search results DOES NOT automatically guarantee you a lot of success. The competition is rude. You certainly have been on markets where you find two salespeople selling similar goods but only one is selling o.k. How come? There are a number of reasons and I don't want to go into that right now, but ask yourself why do you prefer a certain shop over another, when they both sell about the same stuff?

I promise you the moon…

There are people that 'guarantee' you instant success on the web and also ask good money for it. Some use what are called 'black hat' techniques. Even while they initially seem to work, do think twice because it can work against you when search engines discover the trick. The safer and better way in the long run is always to build a good reputation by delivering interesting unambiguous content to your target audience.

So content is important

Not just content, but good content. Provide great text and information and your visitors will keep coming back plus spread the information. The more quality information you provide, the higher your website will be ranked. Just my 2 cents.


Modern websites

The websites that 7ADIR DESIGN creates are using some of the latest features. Since compatibility issues between browsers are sometimes a problem, not all of these new features can always be used. What's more, in some cases and depending on the OS platform, the browser and the version, small visual differences may be visible on your website. This is not a big problem because your site will behave nicely over a wide range of browsers, with the exception of very old browsers or versions where it would be impossible to support certain features. These groups of users have small numbers though. Want to know how many different browsers are out there?
Take a look at this Wiki page.

web browsers